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DryMaps for Travelers

If you are a traveler, DryMaps helps you tell your story in a unique and beautiful way. Our striking, dry-erase maps are an excellent medium for igniting conversations and encouraging deep discussions about your travels. Instead of stuffing a map into your drawer between uses, each DryMap provides a beautiful piece of functional art for you to display in your home or workspace.

Whether you want to share your travels across social media or sit down with Grandpa and recount your experiences, DryMaps offers the creative platform travelers crave.

Why are DryMaps great for travelers?

  • Planning. Plan your journey with reusable DryMaps, because nothing is set in stone. A dry-erase surface allows you to perfect your travel plans, without creating waste or dependence on technology. Need permanence? Just snap a pic.
  • Reliving. If we cannot relive our adventures, what is the point of travel? Assisted by your photos and journals, a DryMap is an excellent tool for recounting your travel experiences.
  • Sharing. It is difficult to share the true depth of your travel experience with others. DryMaps is an excellent way to help others step into your shoes. DryMaps help you share your stories through social media, whether you are a travel professional or enthusiast.
  • Saving. If you love traveling, why stash your travel memories away in a desk drawer or hard drive? Each DryMap is a beautiful piece of functional art that sparks conversations and memories about your favorite places.

If you are shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel, our DrMaps collections has what you’re looking for. If there is a place we don’t have a map of, contact us and we may be able to create a custom map for you at no additional charge!

GIVING BACK  •  For each map sold, DryMaps donates $1 to help meet the educational needs of poverty-stricken children and schools throughout the world. Every map counts!