What Makes DryMaps Special?

Welcome to DryMaps’ blog! We are incredibly excited to share our new products with the world. Our map-shaped dry-erase boards give you a fun way to plan or relive your travels, learn about geography, or write your “to do” list. Those ideas barely scratch the surface of possibilities, and this blog will regularly share creative ways for you to use your DryMap. 
Before we begin sharing fun and creative ideas, please read why you should consider giving us your business and help us spread the word.
  • For every map sold, DryMaps donates $1 to impoverished schools and children.
  • DryMaps are proudly made in the U.S.A., creating American jobs and paying taxes for this privilege.
  • We have the ability to create new or customized maps for our customers —at no additional cost.

And the best reason: our products. Our DryMaps look so darn good, many of our customers proudly display their DryMap on the wall in their home, classroom or office. Our mounting options allow the maps to easily transition from display to play and back again.

Give Us A Shout

DryMaps is on several social media channels, so please follow us on the platform of your choice – DryMaps’ favorite is Instagram —and share photos or video of how you’re using your map!

Are You A…

  • Teacher or student? DryMaps will give you a discount on your order. Contact us for a discount code.
  • Small business owner? A DryMap of your home state is a visually stunning way to share specials, sales, or appreciation with your customers. If you’re interested in selling our product, we offer wholesale pricing and free customization!
  • Corporate big shot or salesperson? We can create beautiful custom DryMaps featuring your company logo or locations. We do not charge for customization. Yes, seriously. We are a cost-effective way to promote your business in a unique and stunning manner.
  • Digital marketing professional? DryMaps provide an inexpensive and fun way for content strategists, digital marketers and social media community managers to connect with their audience through striking photos and videos.
  • Blogger? If you are a well-followed blogger or vlogger and appreciate what we’re doing, reach out to us and we’ll send you some DryMaps to review or feature.
  • Columnist or journalist? We are media friendly! Contact us and we’ll give you an easy and unique story.
  • Politician or political staffer? Our map-shaped whiteboards with county or state boundaries are excellent for projecting votes or building campaign travel strategy.

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